Photos: Production Shots by Sarah Gray

Scottish Theatre Producers and Festival and King's Theatre present The Sunshine Ghost. Credit Eoin Carey (1).jpg

The hilarious, fun and wacky The Sunshine Ghost has opened to great acclaim and excitement. Ahead of it leaving Edinburgh to head on its Scottish tour this Autumn, have a sneak peek of the production and get a glimpse into the glamour by browsing through a selection of Eoin Carey's production shots below.

For full touring dates this October, and to book tickets, visit our touring page here.

Meet the Cast: Neshla Caplan by Sarah Gray

Scottish Theatre Producers and Festival and King's Theatre present The Sunshine Ghost. Credit Eoin Carey (2).jpg

Having recently appeared in Adam and The Breakfast Plays at the Traverse Theatre over the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Neshla Caplan takes to the stage as Jacqueline Duval in Andy Cannon and Richard Ferguson's new musical The Sunshine Ghost.

Ahead of reading her full biography here, delve into the 5 questions poached to her below:

  1. Can you tell us about your character?
    Jackie Duval is an only child whose father is a big-shot property developer called Glen Duval, played by Barrie Hunter. She adores and loves him, but in a bid to escape the world that she was brought up in, she studies Archaeology as a way of escaping through history and the past, and finds herself moving from America to Scotland where the story begins.
  2. What drew you to the production?
    A mixture of the production, the cast and the creative team but as a general note, I love musical theatre and new, musical theatre that is being made in Scotland is very exciting to me.
  3. Was the music a pull for you?
    Yes. As a performer there is so much to get your teeth stuck into. This particular piece harps back to an era of the 'Golden Age'. There are lots of elements from the great composers of this genre so the songs are rich with lovely long lines and closed harmonies.
Scottish Theatre Producers and Festival and King's Theatre present The Sunshine Ghost. Credit Eoin Carey (27).jpg

4. If The Sunshine Ghost was a book, a TV show or a film, what would you compare it to?
Wow, that's a tough question but in the nicest possible way, I don't know if I can compare it to a singular media as it's so unique. On the one hand it has such great elements from pieces like Gone With the Wind, but also great patter pieces found in TV shows like Morecambe and Wise.

5. Can you describe the show in 3 words?
Bold, bountiful and beautiful.

Discover full tour dates and see Neshla on stage this Autumn on The Sunshine Ghost tour.

Meet the Cast: Helen Logan by Sarah Gray

The Sunshine Ghost. Credit: Eoin Carey

Trained as an actor musician, Helen Logan plays Astrobeth in the musical The Sunshine Ghost; a famous American astrologist and the love interest of Glen Duval, played by Barrie Hunter.

Previous to taking up the role in Scottish Theatre Producers and Festival and King's Theatre's co-production, she has embarked on 11 seasons at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, alongside a variety of theatre and film positions.

  1. How did you get into acting?
    I started out doing Youth Theatre at the age of 10 in Fife, and went onto study for a Foundation in Acting in Kirkaldy before moving to London for 10 years. Since moving back to Scotland, I've found that everyone in the sector knows each other, and with that, there's a lot of support within the theatre community.
  2. What has been your most memorable show or character that you have played?
    I've had the opportunity to play a number of roles, especially given the seasons at Pitlochry but Jean Brody was a great and memorable character to play.
  3. What drew you to The Sunshine Ghost?
    The director Ken Alexander, as I've had the pleasure of working with him and Rita (Movement Director) before. Alongside that, the opportunity to play in a musical was a draw as I have experience within this area.
Scottish Theatre Producers and Festival and King's Theatre present The Sunshine Ghost. Credit Eoin Carey (3).jpg

4. Describe The Sunshine Ghost in 3 words:
3 words is so difficult! Over-the-top (but I want to add camp and fun too).

5. What book, film or TV series would you compare The Sunshine Ghost to?
Are you being served?

Helen's full biography can be found here, and tickets to see her in The Sunshine Ghost are available on this page.

Photos: Behind-the-Scenes, Costume Department by Sarah Gray

Costume Department (31).JPG

Alongside the lighting and sound teams, the costume department are busy threading and sewing, gathering and stitching, as they make the costumes for The Sunshine Ghost.

Talking about the materials being used in the upcoming musical, Wardrobe Supervisor Kylie Langford said:

'In line with the MacKinnon clan featured in the production, we decided to pay tribute to the story and source the real MacKinnon clan tartan from the infamous Macnaughtons in Perth to make the costumes.'

With scenes set in Scotland and in America, cream wools are contrasted with dark green to pay homage to the landscape of Scotland, with rich reds and layered pearls giving a nod to Hollywood glamour.

Get a feel for the costumes created for the production, before seeing the on stage during the tour.