Photos: Behind-the-Scenes, Costume Department / by Sarah Gray

Costume Department (31).JPG

Alongside the lighting and sound teams, the costume department are busy threading and sewing, gathering and stitching, as they make the costumes for The Sunshine Ghost.

Talking about the materials being used in the upcoming musical, Wardrobe Supervisor Kylie Langford said:

'In line with the MacKinnon clan featured in the production, we decided to pay tribute to the story and source the real MacKinnon clan tartan from the infamous Macnaughtons in Perth to make the costumes.'

With scenes set in Scotland and in America, cream wools are contrasted with dark green to pay homage to the landscape of Scotland, with rich reds and layered pearls giving a nod to Hollywood glamour.

Get a feel for the costumes created for the production, before seeing the on stage during the tour.